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Why Convert Wix To WordPress

State-Of-The-Art Design

WordPress allows for the freedom of design creation. The CMS lets you build unique designs that are not similar to other projects launched with the system. It’s up to you to pick the style and theme of your website as well as to change your previous Wix site with regard to your needs.

Code Editing Options

WordPress makes it possible to edit your website code to eventually get the desired functionality and general look of your project. It is you, who are in charge of the code editing process, especially if you are aware of programming basics. If you don’t, our experts will help you with ease.

SEO-Friendly Websites

WordPress ranks high when it comes to search engine optimization. The CMS is SEO-friendly and websites launched with the system are well-indexed by Google. Don’t worry to lose your current Wix SEO rankings.

Hosting Choice

As a CMS, WordPress doesn’t offer integrated hosting. Instead, it provides freedom of choice as you are allowed to choose any hosting provider that comes up to your requirements and budget.

Powerful Integration Options

WordPress is unthinkable without advanced integrations. Apart from the built-in add-ons and plugins, you can make use of third-party extensions and themes to integrate them into your project. Thus, you avail exclusive design and high-end performance to withstand niche competition.


WordPress is absolutely free for everyone. You can download, install and explore the system at no cost at all. You can also use its built-in features at zero cost, but get ready to invest into paid plugins, add-ons, templates, hosting and domain in the long run, especially if you expect to avail high end result.


How it works

  1. Free Quote - Fill out the online form to apply for a free quote from our service. We will eagerly review your application, analyze the tech nuances of your website to shortly give the response. It usually takes around 24 hours to get the best quote from us.
  2. Transfer Process - As soon as you approve our offer, we will discuss the approximate project duration, deadlines and other special nuances. Right after that, we’ll be ready to start the transfer process.
  3. Project Completion - After the website transfer process is complete, we’ll notify you so that you could check its performance. Only after you make sure everything is ok and your project functions as expected, you can pay for our services.
  4. Go Live - Finally, you are welcome to go live as website deployment is the last stage of the migration process. We’ll help transfer your Wix domain as well as all website entities to WordPress to make it ready for ongoing promotion.

Why Us

Professional Team

We employ a team of proficient web developers, who possess deep coding knowledge as well as general web design background. They will eagerly guide you through all the stages of website migration process, paying special attention to tech nuances.

Individual Assistance

We assign an individual assistant to each and every client, irrespective of the web design background he/she has. This person will be accessible any time of the day to help you solve your special project-related problems in almost no time.

Care Support

We provide professional website transfer guidance to help you solve all the process-related issues. Feel free to contact us any time of the day to have your problems solved.

Hosting Options

As a CMS, WordPress does not limit your hosting choice to a certain provider. Instead, you have an opportunity to pick your own website host that comes up to your requirements, project type and budget most of all.

Transparent Process

Our experts will guide you through the website migration process, but it’s still you, who is in charge of it. You can watch all the steps of the conversion procedure to make sure all website elements and entities are successfully and completely moved from Wix to WordPress.


We aim at providing professional yet affordable website transfer services to fit any budget and requirements. We offer clear and moderate pricing policy without any hidden charges for the services provided.







What Our Customers Say

"I’m a wedding photographer and I’ve initially decided to create my portfolio with Wix just because I’m not a tech-savvy user and I don’t know anything about coding at all. Two years have passed since that time and my portfolio extended a lot. I started noticing that the load speed of the website somewhat decreased and I’ve also got some programming knowledge. That was the reason to switch to Wix to WP. The guys from WixToWordPress.PRO made the migration easy and quick. They are real pros and I hope, my portfolio will keep growing!"

Jack Balestone
Wedding Photographer

"The decision to switch from Wix to WordPress was not spontaneous. This is because I loved my Wix web store a lot and I was really satisfied with the platform itself. However, my store grew larger and I realized that wix is no longer a good option for it. That’s when I came across WordPress. Due to WixToWordPress.PRO, my eCommerce project was successfully transferred with all the product files and style options preserved. That was a great job! Thanks a lot!"

Chris Wales

"When I just started my Wix-based restaurant website, I didn’t think about such a rapid development. When my business started growing, I realized that WordPress would be a far better option for me, but I wasn’t ready to complete the migration process on my own. WixToWordPress.PRO was the team recommended to me by my close friend. I decided to give it a try and didn’t regret that even for a minute - so professional, attentive and skilled they are!"

Karen Miller
Restaurant Owner

"As a code unaware user, I needed help, when moving my Wix site to WordPress. WixToWordPress.PRO specialists explained all the nuances and guided me through all the steps. Thanks for their support and patience."

Michael Mitchell
Online Retailer

"What I like about the service is their professionalism, 24/7 support and deep understanding of their job. Each team member is on huis/her place here and each of them deserves the appraisal. I’m going to contact them once again in a couple of months."

John Clark
Marketing Specialist

"The guys are real professionals. They helped me with my website migration a lot and they keep assisting me afterwards. That was quite unexpected, but so pleasant. Definitely recommend the service!"

Ann Haley
Cafe Owner


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the essence of website migration?

This means that your website will be transferred from one platform to another (namely, from Wix to WordPress) with all the tech nuances handled by our best experts. As a result, you will get a ready made WP-based website that will preserve the style, focus and all the elements of the previous Wix site. The procedure is fast, effective and safe.

Can you modify my WordPress website to give it one-of-a-kind look?

No, we don’t deal with website modification after the migration process. Our main goal goes down exclusively to converting Wix websites into WordPress projects.

What steps does the procedure involve?

The entire process of website migration encompasses four stages. Firstly, you need to contact us to apply for a quote. Then we’ll analyze your website to notify you about the must-have steps and tech nuances of your project. The next step implies the website transfer itself and the final step is website deployment and further promotion. As to the duration of the process, it depends upon the complexity of your project and result you expect to avail.

What WordPress version do you use?

Actually, we use the latest WP version, when working with each project. This means that your new website will be compatible with all the plugins, themes and extensions available on the web.

Can I get the consultation of your experts before website migration?

Yes, you are welcome to contact any of our team members to have your questions answered. Just fill out the contact form so that we could get in touch with you before getting involved into the process of website migration.

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